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Best Exercise Bikes of 2020

We all love fitness. Maintaining a healthy regime regularly can actually do wonders in our body. We need to do some kind of exercise for staying fit.

The best kind of exercise is pedaling and hence the best equipment is exercise bikes. Pedaling is the key to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and the rate of calories.

During exercise, we tend to glance at our comfort level.  Here are some best exercise bikes that are specifically designed for our housing.


1) Kamachi Air bike 313


• (Price – Rs 11,999)

•About the product:

This is one of the best bikes that impressed the users .  It is user friendly and adjustable and even has a comfortable seating arrangement.

•Cool Features:

 Superb workout quality
 Anti slip padles
 Resistance knob.

2) Endless Imported Exercise Bikes.


• (price -4,437)
• About the product: This is also one of the best exercise bikes and is also quite popular among users. We can see that there are excellent features like a relaxed seat, excellent and top-class exercise quality, which make it unique and super flexible.

• Cool features :

  • Material: Steel, Mechanism : belt system, Foam grip handles for easy and soft grip
  • Heavy duty construction, Adjustable Seat Hight, Max user weight : 100 kg (Approx)
  • Pedals: Non skid pedals with adjustable foot straps for better foot grip. In-Box Contents: 1 Exercise Bike
  • Design : Sturdy Design Allows for Greater Stability and Long Life
  • Burn body fat and increase strength in the comfort of your home with this indoor exercise bike.

• Product review: This bike is also among the best bike and its flexibility and quality make it exquisite and it is also even user friendly . Perfect for Gym and home use.

Simply place this Endless compact exercise bike in any corner of your home and get closer to being an energetic lifestyle. This exercise bike is designed with compact shape to occupy small area at your house. This is an ideal bike to add to your gym or home.

3) IRIS fitness body Gym delexue platinum bike.

o (Price-7999)
o About the product: This model is an upright model with .The Exercise Bike is a stationary Cycle that also gives a full-body workout supporting 100 kg . This exercise bike will strengthen your lower body while its dual-action arms feature will increase your upper body endurance as you pedal

Indeed it is user friendly and.

o Features:
•easy installation



o Product Review:
This bike is super comfy and has tough resistance and is beginner-friendly and its controls and display are quite fundamental and hence it’s not complicated when not in use.

4)Sportal Air bike exercise
o (Price -7,499)


o About the product: This bike is simple and efficient. It boasts a great level of comfort and energy it’s resistance ranges from high level to low level and the bike is simple in design.The Sportal Air Bike comes with a Performance Tracker to track your progress in terms of distance, speed, time covered and a Manual Speed Knob to adjust the speed as per your requirement.

o Features :

•installation services

Product Review: This bike is both functional and effective and at the same time it is very beginner-friendly. Exercise can be done on yet it is very simple in its outlook. And is a must-have for the fitness lovers.

5) Strauss exercise magnetic bike.
o (Price – Rs 8,8225,)
o About the product: This bike is superb and is very energetic for fast and furious workouts .

o Features :

•comes in semi assembled condition
•lcd monitors
•seats and pedals are adjustable

6) Superfit Air bike for the gym and home

o (Price, – Rs 8099)
o About the product: This bike is superb and up to the mark for all kinds of users. It is time-consuming and is easy to operate. This bike is not that much glamorous hence full-time exercises can be done.

o Features:
•belt drive resistance
•easy installation.
•easy interface

o Product Review: This bike is less complicated and is very good for doing flexible exercises for the lower body and is much popular among the fitness lovers. It’s also worth the money.

Thus doing exercise and staying fit is an integral part of our Lifestyle. Thus working out with these bikes can help a lot to stay fit and in shape.

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